High and Low (1963)

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High and Low (1963)

Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
8.4 / 10
Release Date
01 March 1963
2 : 22 minutes
Spoken Language
An executive of a shoe company becomes a victim of extortion when his chauffeur's son is kidnapped and held for ransom.

Cast Overview :

Kingo Gondo
by: Toshirō Mifune
Chief Detective Tokura
by: Tatsuya Nakadai
Reiko Gondo
by: Kyôko Kagawa
Kawanishi, Gondo's secretary
by: Tatsuya Mihashi
Detective Arai
by: Isao Kimura
Chief Detective 'Bos'n' Taguchi
by: Kenjiro Ishiyama
Detective Nakao
by: Takeshi Katô
Chief of Investigation Section
by: Takashi Shimura
Kamiya, National Shoes Publicity Director
by: Jun Tazaki
Ishimaru, National Shoes Design Department Director
by: Nobuo Nakamura
Baba - National Shoes Executive
by: Yūnosuke Itō
Ginjirô Takeuchi - Medical Intern
by: Tsutomu Yamazaki
First Reporter
by: Minoru Chiaki
Factory Worker
by: Eijirō Tōno
Prison Warden
by: Masao Shimizu
Aoki - the Chauffeur
by: Yutaka Sada
Shinichi Aoki
by: Masahiko Shimazu
Jun Gondo
by: Toshio Egi
Second Reporter
by: Kôji Mitsui
First Creditor
by: Kyû Sazanka
Chief of First Investigating Section
by: Susumu Fujita
Junkyard Cook
by: Kamatari Fujiwara
Detective Murata
by: Yoshio Tsuchiya
Third Reporter
by: Kazuo Kitamura
Chief Physician
by: Gen Shimizu
Detective Yamamoto
by: Akira Nagoya
Second Creditor
by: Jun Hamamura
First Executor at Tax Office
by: Masao Oda
Third Creditor
by: Kô Nishimura
Chief Prison Officer
by: Yoshifumi Tajima
Fish Market Office Worker
by: Koji Kiyomura
Detective Shimada
by: Hiroshi Unayama
Detective Takahashi
by: Yoshisuke Makino
Identification Center Worker
by: Jun Kondô
Detective Koike
by: Satoshi Suzuki
Messenger Passing Note to Intern
by: Senkichi Ômura
Identification Center Worker
by: Kazuo Katô
Yokohama Station Trolley Man
by: Ikio Sawamura
Female Drug Addict
by: Kin Sugai
Murder Victim
by: Keiko Tomita
Male Drug Addict
by: Isao Onoda
Detective Nakamura
by: Seiichi Taguchi
Second Executor at Tax Office
by: Takeo Matsushita
Detective Ueno
by: Kiyoshi Yamamoto
Detective Hara
by: Kenji Kodama
by: Minoru Itô
Undercover Detective 'Drug Addict'
by: Haruo Suzuki
Detective (uncredited)
by: Kôzô Nomura